Women’s Leadership

This coaching program is specifically designed for women who want to live and lead with purpose, passion, vision, and fulfillment.

In today’s work environment, many experienced women are seeking ways to more directly fulfill their potential. Women are recognizing, and acting upon, their inner drive to succeed. At the same time, many women feel that something is holding them back from living and leading fully in their inherent power. I support my clients in becoming more effective and taking their leadership and life’s work to the next level.

Lead with Purpose

Being more fulfilled in life is within your reach. Let’s work together so you can get there faster. It all starts with a complimentary consultation.

If you’re here, you’re ready to lead with purpose and powerfully create the life you want.

Take action and book your complimentary strategy session today.

“Elisa has created an outstanding leadership program for women. It was a transformational experience that helped me better understand my strengths, needs, and growth opportunities—and how to best use those to be more effective personally and professionally.”


– Kaye Nilson, Founder, Sparx Development Group, LLC

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