Elisa Canova Professional Leadership Coach

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Artemis Coaching programs are action oriented and results driven. Your coaching program is fully customized based on your specific goals and needs.


Together, we’ll focus on what matters most to you and your organization to achieve powerful and long lasting results.

“There’s an amazing amount of arrogance required as a business leader to think you don’t need coaching. You’re saying you’re not just the Tom Brady of your industry or the Serena Williams of your industry, but that you’re better than that.” 


~ Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder, Reddit

What you will achieve

  • Discover how to thrive in constant change and complexity
  • Release overwhelm by skillfully managing your attention and energy
  • Clarify your professional goals and courageously get into action
  • Master conflict effectively and with composure
  • Learn the art of effective communication
  • Bust through your limiting beliefs and release old patterns that keep you stuck
  • Show up as an authentic, inspiring, and trusted leader
  • Create purposeful vision for your life and organization
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