The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal transformation that helps you increase self-awareness in numerous domains. You’ll explore your core motivations, blind spots, communication patterns, listening filters, style of relating to others, and your path to growth. Self-awareness allows for the discovery of strengths as well as uncovering the hidden habits that keep us stuck.

Exploration of unconscious patterns can lead to profound breakthroughs. Rather than labeling you in a confining manner, the Enneagram can help you discover ways to be more flexible and creative and break free of habitual behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

After completing your online Enneagram assessment to understand your motivations, strengths, and growth areas, you’ll get a detailed personalized report regarding your personality and behavior. We’ll review it together to identify skills to be leveraged and areas for enhancement.

It’s about more than just being a better you. It’s about fundamentally changing the way you interact with others, whether at home or in the office. Together, let’s discover your best self by scheduling your assessment today.

“I am a better professional, mother, wife, leader, manager and person as a result of Elisa’s coaching!”


– Jennifer Luce, EVP, FirstBank

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