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Adam Sands First Bank
1st Bank

Adam Sands

Market President

“Elisa is simply wonderful! I have enjoyed working with her for the past eighteen months, and know she will be a trusted advisor throughout my career.

Elisa applies her background, real world experiences, coaching skills and education in a very personal way. To be honest, I was very apprehensive initially, but felt comfortable day one… her demeanor and ability to connect builds an instant trust.”


Karen Stultz

COO & Co-Founder,

“I had the privilege to work with Elisa over the past few years and found she embodies “tough love”, i.e. she challenged me to push past blinders and perceived obstacles, to clarify what was important to me and have the courage to pursue these goals. She did this with compassion, empathy, and a desire to truly be of service. I highly recommend her!”

Aluanda Drain GSA

Aluanda Drain

Acting Associate 


“I highly recommend Elisa to anyone seeking an excellent executive coachI attribute much of my recent professional growth and successes to Elisa’s coaching. I’ve found her to be extremely personable, sincere, empathetic and resourceful. She holds me accountable for my commitments, which I appreciate. She also lets me know when I’m on the wrong track and genuinely applauds my successes. She’s been really terrific to work with and I’ve learned a lot from working with her.”

Bar Crawford Impact Loop

Bart Crawford

Founder, Investor, Advisor

“As an entrepreneur starting a new venture, I knew it was essential to establish the right frame of mind at launch to ensure success.

As my coach, Elisa was invaluable in this regard. She helped me break down known and unknown, real and perceived barriers with great communication and insight. She has strong, relevant business experience in conjunction with a high EQ and a quiver of great coaching skills and frameworks. I found the combination and balance very effective and a welcome approach to optimizing my performance.

I recommend Elisa highly as a Founder Coach.”

Adam DeVito Monj

Adam DeVito


“I participated in a workshop in Silicon Valley that Elisa was co-leading on becoming a more awake and embodied leader. Wow. It turned out to be one of the most surprising and refreshing experiences I have had in a very long time.


Elisa is an adroit leader – she held the space with such grace and helped to make critical connections that really stuck.”

Melanie Harris TCU
Wake Forest University

Dr. Melanie Harris

Professor of Religion, Black Feminist Studies & Womanist Theology and Director of the Food, Health and Ecological Well-Being Program 

“Ready to align your life with purpose and renew your leadership with fresh energy and joy? Leadership coaching with Elisa will help you get the results you want and transform your life. Each session with Elisa helped me gain a new perspective on my professional success and align my passions with my personal goals.

Her empowering style of coaching is highly effective. Through the coaching process I was able to deepen my commitment to leadership, overcome a fear of success and start my own consulting business. She helped me find the courage to face challenges with grace, integrity, confidence and calm.

As a woman of color and leader in higher education, I was genuinely encouraged by Elisa’s skillful knowledge in the areas of diversity and inclusion. We shared many heart opening conversations about race, culture and creating healthier communities. Our work together motivated me to clearly identify my values and inspired new ideas for creating genuine inclusion in professional settings.

Elisa is a strong and clear communicator. Her brilliant and compassionate approach to naming tough issues was refreshing and opened dialogue that led to profound insights. Her powerful and courageous questions helped to guide me to listen to my inner voice and be my strongest self.

My life is forever changed for the good as a result of working with her. If you are looking for an excellent leadership coach who can help you achieve your greatest dreams ~ you’ve found the best!”

Benjamin Brandes WY Retirement
Wyoming Retirement System

Benjamin Brandes

General Counsel

“Over the course of my sessions with her, I learned to view the challenges and opportunities I face in both my professional and personal life through a new lens. Elisa helped me focus on my personality strengths and acknowledge my blind spots in order to analyze difficult decisions and develop strategies for moving forward.


She is easy to talk with and exceedingly insightful. As a direct result of my sessions with Elisa, I have implemented several new professional and personal practices into my life that have increased my job satisfaction and productivity. I would strongly recommend Elisa to anyone looking for a boost to get the most out of life and work.”

Jennifer Luce 1st Bank
1st Bank

Jennifer Luce


“I was hesitant to jump in with both feet and bare my weaknesses to a stranger. My employer and leaders were investing in me and it was time to invest in myself by going into this with an open mind. The idea of seeing results in 12 months was doubtful and exhilarating.


After my first meeting with Elisa, I realized this was the opportunity to grow the leadership skills I struggled with advancing on my own. I am so glad I went in open minded! I am a better professional, mother, wife, leader, manager and person as a result of Elisa’s coaching!”


Zachary Bissinger

Founder & DEI Consultant, Bissinger Consulting

“Elisa Canova is a truly wonderful coach. I am not typically someone who seeks support from coaches or counselors, but I was considering making a career change and Elisa was recommended to me. She was a truly amazing support as I eventually decided to leave my career of 23 years to launch into the world of entrepreneurship. She enabled me to expand and clarify my possibilities and then fine tune and hone my vision for my next steps in life. She was not only able to support me to create a new vision for myself, but also supported me in communicating my vision with others, including helping me to get my family on board with my huge career change transition. 

I am now living the life that I want for myself and following my passions. I highly recommend contacting Elisa if you are looking for greater fulfillment and clarity in your life. She has helped me immensely in both my personal and professional life.”

Theresa Morrison-Quinata HRSA

Theresa Morrison-Quinata

Branch Chief

“Elisa has been an exceptional leadership coach. She listened attentively, provided guidance and suggestions that really made a difference for me. I highly recommend working with Elisa!”

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