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She challenged me to push past blinders and perceived obstacles, to clarify what was important to me.

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The Best Leaders Don’t Do It Alone

Artemis Coaching delivers cutting edge custom solutions that solve executives, leaders, and high achievers’ most pressing challenges and expands their opportunities. Each coaching engagement is approached with great respect for the leader and their talent, with the aim of creating a safe environment for deep insight, courageous dialogue, and purposeful action.


As a leader, you want accelerated and measurable results for you and your organization. My work has a strong bias toward moving from “insight to action” to produce the biggest impact. I go beyond the typical focus on “skills and tools” to help you get clear on “how you show up in the world”.


Together we’ll take your leadership, personal development, and organizational growth to the next level.

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I take a comprehensive approach by partnering with you to

break free from limiting beliefs, reach your full potential, and create new possibilities.


  • MBA, University of Virginia Darden School of Business  
  • BA, Psychology Oberlin College 
  • NCC certified, Newfield Network coach training program  
  • Certified executive coach, Accelerating Coach Excellence Program 
  • PCC certified, International Coach Federation
Elisa Canova Artemis Coaching in Colorado

My Story

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved challenge, hard work, and the rewards of focused persistence. My achieving personality brought me joy and success … until it didn’t. As I look back on my journey, I can see that much of what I did was ego driven with little consideration for what is truly important. I was caught in a delusion of my own creation.


With a career including Wall Street, venture capital, and management consulting, eighty-hour weeks were normal – I thought this is what you did if you wanted to be “successful”. Plenty of challenges came with being a female executive (until I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, I thought it was just me). As the years rolled on, my work began to feel meaningless and an increasing part of me felt empty inside. I was stressed, running on adrenaline, and felt like I was on the proverbial hamster wheel. If this was “success”, why didn’t it feel better?? Turns out I had a faulty definition of success and I had lacked the courage to dig deep into what was meaningful to me.

I was going through the motions and knew it wasn’t sustainable. I wanted to make a change and make a positive difference in the world, but I had no idea what to do and was swimming in confusion. Until one day when I was attending a firm retreat and a guest speaker took the mic and literally changed my life. The motivating woman at the front of the room was an executive coach, and when she described what she did and the impact she had on her clients’ lives, it was my Eureka moment. The rest, as the story goes, is history…

Today I’m one of those people you may find inspirational (or completely irksome) because I truly and deeply love what I do. I help change the world one person at a time. I coach accomplished executives to solve complex leadership challenges and create beneficial, lasting change. My own struggles taught me compassion, strength, and empowerment, and my experiences, positive and not so much, all inform how I generate value for my clients. Turns out I didn’t lose my edge when I intentionally created balance in my life, and instead have found a level of fulfillment I honestly never thought possible.

Executive coaching is the perfect venue to combine my rock solid business background and passion for human potential to help others find their unique definition of success. Because one size definitely does not fit all. Every day, in partnership with my clients, we create transformational change that is meaningful and impactful. While the road here had its’ share of ups and downs with plenty of self-created potholes along the way, I am incredibly grateful that it got me to the place where I have the profound privilege of living into my purpose.

How can I help you discover and live into your successful life?

Elisa Canova with Client

“It’s a profound honor to engage with my clients in deep and meaningful work

that supports them in changing their lives.”


– Elisa Canova

Are You Ready to…

  • Courageously create lasting and powerful change
  • Increase your leadership presence and confidence
  • Reduce overwhelm and enhance your performance
  • Discover your own path to genuine fulfillment

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