360 Review

360 Reviews are a valuable way to gain insight into how you show up to others. High performing leaders provide their teams with clear goals, create strong relationships, and effectively communicate. Blind spots that undermine your success can derail your effectiveness as a leader even before you notice it – a 360 can help bring “what you don’t know you don’t know” to light.


A 360 assessment is designed to help increase your leadership impact and elevate performance by proactively identifying areas of strength as well as those that are holding you back.

A 360 can help you:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Highlight your areas of genius, opportunity, and blind spots
  • Create a culture of openness
  • Reduce leader and employee turnover


Together, we’ll identify your goals and desired outcomes for the 360 assessment. I’ll have confidential one on one interviews with up to eight respondents to gain individual perspectives on your strengths, areas for development, performance, style, and overall effectiveness. The questions are customized to your needs and allow for the type of rich insights that are only possible when there is a real time conversation.


You will get a comprehensive report highlighting themes, key strengths, barriers to effectiveness, and actionable findings with recommendations. We’ll develop a plan of action to establish clear goals and elevate your leadership.

“Elisa is highly effective at shining light on our blind spots – those ways of seeing and thinking that are familiar and comfortable but ultimately are holding us back. “


– Alan Lewis, Vice President, Natural Grocers

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