What is coaching?

Coaching is partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and enables clients to maximize their potential and produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and organizations.  While the specific reasons someone chooses to work with a coach are varied, generally there is a desire to address a challenge or opportunity, accelerate personal/ leadership development and results, improve relationships with others, and /or achieve greater well-being and satisfaction.


What is my approach to coaching?

I’m not interested in change, I’m driven by transformation and that’s what I want for my clients.  We will go deep in our work together and:

  • Create new perspectives that capitalize on your opportunities and leverage your challenges
  • Identify and shift your limiting beliefs
  • Create clarity around your purpose, passion and what constitutes fulfillment and success for you and get into action to make it a reality

The type of coaching I practice is called “ontological” and goes beyond simply learning new skills and tools, and instead focuses on your “being” in the world. We will increase your awareness of how you see and therefore how you act in your professional and/or personal world, and facilitate recognition of how this “being” helps or hinders you in achieving your desired outcomes.   New choices, practices, and actions will emerge to drive the attainment of enhanced and sustainable results. Our work together will be a collaborative process based upon the belief that you are an expert in your own life, and a creative, resourceful, and whole individual.   You are the best resource for identifying how you want to “show up in the world” and together we will design transformative changes that will enhance your career, life, relationships, and make your vision a reality.


How does coaching work?

As in any meaningful relationship, the coaching partnership we create is based on mutual trust and respect.   The primary focus of this relationship is your well-being, and all of our actions and sessions are aligned with this tenet. The vehicle for our work is targeted, results-oriented conversations.  Every session will focus on your agenda and the areas in your life where you’ve identified a desire to bring change.   The goals will always be yours and reflective of your priorities and what you want to create in your life.

As your coach, my role is to help you explore what is working and what is getting in the way, to be a different “observer” and provide a different point of view to help you see perspectives or habits that you might be stuck in so that we can create new possibilities.  I’ll do this by asking questions, making observations, sharing information, and listening.  I will bring different distinctions and perspectives to enlarge the possible strategies and actions available to you, however the choices are fully yours. My role and responsibility as your coach is to:

  • Help you discover and target what you want to achieve
  • Help create a safe space for self-discovery
  • Co-create strategies, actions, and practices aligned with what you want to achieve
  • Hold you responsible and accountable for the agreed to process and outcomes

The practices we design are intended to do more than just provide short term, one-time changes, but instead to be transformative. Through our work together I will seek to have you become more self-aware, and expand your view of your perceptions, beliefs, habits, and actions so that you can choose new possibilities to support the changes you seek to make. Through my years of training and professional practice I have learned that to create concrete results an integrated approach that includes attention to your language (including your thoughts and “self-talk”), emotions, and physical presence is the most effective, all while acknowledging your richness and complexity as a human being.



Abiding by strict ethical guidelines is of paramount importance to me. You may need to talk about things you’ve said, done, heard, or felt that are challenging to say out loud. As a professional coach certified at the PCC level I am fully aligned with the guidelines of the International Coach Federation (“ICF”) which can be viewed here:  Strict confidentiality is at the core of these guidelines as your willingness to be open and candid in our sessions is vital to attaining valuable outcomes. The content of our conversations and coaching work will not be shared with anyone without your express written permission.