“As entrepreneur starting a new venture, I knew it was essential to establish the right frame of mind at launch to ensure success.

As my coach, Elisa was invaluable in this regard. She helped me break down known and unknown, real and perceived barriers with great communication and insight. She has strong, relevant business experience in conjunction with a high EQ and a quiver of great coaching skills and frameworks. I found the combination and balance very effective and a welcome approach to optimizing my performance.

I recommend Elisa highly as a Founder Coach.”

– Bart Crawford, Founder, Investor & Adviser


“Elisa has been my executive and leadership coach for nine months. I have been seeing her every two weeks over that time, so I have sufficient experience working with her to give an enthusiastic, informed recommendation.  I intend to work with her for many years to come.

I am a Chief Investment Officer of the State of Wyoming Retirement System and I started working with her with the goal of improving my executive skills, enhancing my overall work performance, and increasing my job satisfaction. She has exceeded my expectations and I have been very pleased with the results.

Elisa provides excellent tactical advice, but really excels in giving big-picture strategic guidance that is incredibly impactful and can be applied in a wide variety of situations and environments. She has helped me with seeing new possibilities, and shifting my perspectives so I’m able to get out of my own way and generate powerful results.

We have discussed challenges I have faced, and she has provided consistently thoughtful solutions. Some examples of tactical challenges she has helped me address successfully are: negotiating compensation and benefits with my employer, handling difficult human resources issues, and communicating more effectively with my board and team. More importantly she has given high-level insights that have helped me better align my personal and professional life, improve my leadership, negotiating and management skills, and help develop a long-term strategic plan and the tools to execute it. These changes have been very noticeable at work, and based on my results, my employer plans to send several of my colleagues to work with her.

On a personal level, Elisa is an effective communicator and quickly establishes trust and rapport; she is always a pleasure to work with.  I have recommended Elisa to several demanding senior executives and they have been equally impressed.”

– Sam Masoudi, Chief Investment Officer, Wyoming Retirement System


“Elisa invited me to participate in a workshop she was co-leading on becoming a more awake and embodied leader. Wow. It turned out to be one of the most surprising and refreshing experiences I have had in a very long time. Rather than talk about concepts, we experienced the central themes somatically – by moving our body through space (in nature, outside!) and getting back in touch with our senses. The exercises unfolded in sequence to produce a deep, holistic “knowing” that could never be achieved by conceptualizing.

Elisa is an adroit leader – she held the space with such grace and helped to make critical connections that really stuck.”

– Adam DeVito, CEO, Monj


I cannot recommend Elisa highly enough.  Elisa brings great focus, insight, energy and deep experience everything she does. She has guided me with clarity and wisdom as I drill down into every detail of my personal business processes. She has truly helped me to bring my work and presentation to a much higher level, and I know my work with her will continue to benefit me and my business for years to come.”

– Jeffrey Keith, Visual Artist, Curator, Entrepreneur


Elisa is highly effective at shining light on our blind spots – those ways of seeing and thinking that are familiar and comfortable but ultimately are holding us back. No plodding system here. Elisa has deep experience in the business world that informs the individual approach she creates for each client. And don’t get lazy – Elisa will make clear it’s your work and energetically remind you that the time to act is NOW.”

– Alan Lewis, Director Government Affairs & Stakeholder Relations,  Natural Grocers